Your host Margit Cianelli is a dedicated wildlife carer with a particular focus on the endemic Lumholtz Tree-Kangaroo, which the lodge is aptly named after. Margit’s extensive knowledge of the rainforest and it's unique wildlife inhabitants will guarantee a truly unforgettable stay.

Margit was born in Germany and trained as a zoo keeper at Stuttgart Zoological Garden before moving to Australia in 1972.


She has been caring for sick and orphaned wildlife for over 40 years. Her work, specifically with tree kangaroos, is recognised internationally in the natural history world.


International film crews and journalists stay in this B&B to use Margit’s expertise, her hospitality, prime location and fastidious accommodation to complete their Australian wildlife stories.


Margit warmly welcomes all nature interested people in her house. She very much likes to host families as she believes in showing children the magic of the rain forest, for they will be the future custodians of this most important ecosystem.

Margit with black-footed tree rats
Baby tree kangaroo learning to climb
Margit with her 'children'
Baby tree kangaroo being weighed
Green ring-tail possum
Margit with baby possum & wallaby
Baby Lumholtz tree kangaroo playing
Lumholtz tree kangaroo yawning
Baby tree roo being cared for.
Margit with baby tree kangaroo
Margit with baby Platypus
Margit with baby northern quoll