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“We sat eating breakfast, which was unlike any dinner table I’d sat at. In the middle of conversations a little tree kangaroo head would pop out of Margit’s top to see what was going on and then disappear. Margit would keep talking as if it was a normal thing, and yet I had to pinch myself by experiencing such an encounter. We sadly had to leave Lumholtz Lodge to return to the normal world where few people will get to experience days like the ones we had just encountered or know about these amazing animals. We went in knowing absolutely nothing about this species, and walked away feeling like we had learnt so much. Not just about tree kangaroos but the incredible woman who is ensuring their survival." Bob Irwin (Bob Irwin Wildlife and Conservation Foundation, Inc.)

“What an extraordinary and magical atmosphere. It’s like an enchanted world where nature is embraced and it gives so much. I’m incredibly happy to have found this special place and so grateful for the chance to share its magic. I look forward to a return visit.” S Vader

“Being nature lovers, we booked staying here crossing our fingers that we’d see wildlife. Within an hour of being here, we whispered to each other that we think this will be our favourite memory of visiting Oz- and we still have 2 weeks left! We will cherish our memories here with Margit and the animals forever.” D & R Spink

This whole magical experience has been BLISS. It’s been an honour for us to share your world. Margit- you don’t only change the animals’ world for the better, you change our world too. Margit, your generosity of spirit and heart are inspiring and your cooking is to die for!” Debbie & George

“Margit is a cross between St. Francis of Assisi and Doctor Doolittle.” Helen Weld

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