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Wildlife of Lumholtz Lodge & the Atherton Tablelands

"Where nature wanders in”, is not just a slogan, it’s the perfect description of what guests will experience first hand at Lumholtz Lodge. You will enjoy the birdlife and unique rainforest animals that live around and sometimes in the lodge.

For a species list of Lumholtz Lodge click HERE.

Cassowary and chicks
Lumholtz tree kangaroo
Stony Creek Frog
Rhino Beetle
Red Spot Hypsidia Moth
Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo
Brown Tree Snake
Long-tailed pygmy possum
Orange Eyed Tree Frog
Bottle Cicada
Red-browed fire-tail finches bathing
Handraised Lumholtz tree kangaroo
Barred Frog
Herbert river ring-tail possum
Lace monitor
Australia brush turkey
Green ring-tail possum
Lumholtz tree kangaroo
Brolgas at sunset
Red-legged pademelon
Lumholtz tree kangaroo
Stag Beetle
Cairns birdwing butterfly
Australian king parrots
Southern cassowary
Tooth billed bowerbird
Lumholtz tree kangaroo
Greater bowerbird display avenue
Striped Possum
Lumholtz tree kangaroo
Herbert river ring-tail possum
Green ring-tail possum
Southern Cassowary
Golden bower bird
Sarus crane
Yellow-bellied glider
Spectacled flying fox
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